Local Hero

Local Hero

One of England's greatest flyweight boxers, Peter Kane (1918-1991) grew up in Golborne after his family moved there before his first birthday. Peter was renowned for his punching power, losing only seven of the 102 bouts in his 14-year career. He made his name at the age of 19 in an epic world title contest with Scottish flyweight legend Benny Lynch and held the title from 1938-43.

Even as Kane was hailed as the world flyweight champion, he maintained his job in a Lowton blacksmiths. This would, eventually, lead to his nickname of "The Golborne Blacksmith". The work of pounding out iron with a large hammer for eight hours a day helped Peter develop tremendous upper body strength.

Peter entered his first professional bout on a cold evening, two weeks before Christmas, in a small Liverpool community hall. It is here where he first took on the moniker of Kane, (his real surname was Cain) after his name was misspelled on the bill. No one is sure why he kept the name; perhaps superstition played a role.

Peter Kane's era featured many skilled flyweights but he set himself apart by his tireless work ethic and that big right hand. Even as he aged, Kane continued to put himself through a routine that would make workaholics wince. Kane was still fighting for international honors after fourteen years of swapping leather, a feat that is not matched by many flyweights of any era.

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