Lowton & Golborne Local Magazine

There are approx. 10 000 homes in the immediate Lowton and Golborne area with a combination of high and average family incomes.  There is a good mix of age groups with very high numbers of families with children and over 55s.  People in this area are generally active, spending money on their homes, leisure and holidays.

The Local magazine

Directly targeting customers within 10 minute drive of your business, the Lowton and Golborne Local provides an exclusive advertising platform for businesses looking to raise their profile and increase sales within their community base.
The magazine is a glossy A4 full colour publication with very high print quality. 8500 copies are delivered directly to local homes every month. Further copies are available for pick up in local businesses, including doctors' waiting rooms, cafes, hotels and shops.

Regular features include

Artwork can be supplied by clients but we also provide free design, marketing, photography and copywriting services for adverts and editorials within the magazine.  We go to great lengths to ensure a highly professional image for every advertiser because we want your advert to work as hard as possible and get the best results for you.

Leaflet drops

Please call or email to discuss your requirements for advertising or leaflet drops.

Free editorial

Editorial space is made available to advertisers at no extra charge. This feature gives businesses a unique and cost effective oppotunity to promote their staff, products and services in greater detail, which is not always possible in an advert.

To see what our advertisers say about us already read our testimonials.

To find out more, call us on 07929 427058 or email info@lowtonandgolbornelocal.co.uk or use our online form